Friday, November 14, 2008

WOW ............. North Carolina

I will admit, after spending the night at the Midway Campground East of Statesville, NC I was fully prepared to slather negativity all over the page. Then we arrived at Hope Farms and spent several days with our dear friends and I am reminded of what negativity and unfounded judgement of someone or something can do. I digress. This photo was taken from the front drive of the park and is a beautiful representation of the Northwest North Carolina country side. Beautiful, isn't it?

We reached our destination mid day Monday and have made ourselves right at home at Hope Farms in rural North Carolina. This gorgeous, classic barn is filled with animals and equipment. The chickens have names and are more than happy to wake us in the morning and help rid the acreage of insects. ;-)  I can't tell you how welcome and comfortable we feel here.

Yesterday afternoon I sat down in front of our picture window to compute and relax. This amazing Mockingbird caught my attention, bathing in the light rain and  playing with it's mate in the evergreens. As I followed him with my camera I spotted a brown thrush, both male and female cardinals, a tufted titmouse, half a dozen black phoebe and a bird that resembled a nut hatch but in browns rather than blues. Will have to refer to my bird watching family members to help me with that one.

As I've said before, this photo is nearly "no words necessary". Ah, to be three years old again and playing in the bubble bath with Mom.

We have enjoyed the company of our friends for 5 days already. I can't believe it. We have yet to reach that point where we exhaust of conversation and can focus a board game or card game. We've toured the neighborhood, gone to a community dinner, done some shopping, enjoyed home baked goodies and learned more about one another and our walk with the Lord.

At this point we have no idea how much longer will will stay in North Carolina. We still have so many things that we want to experience together and learn from one another. Several of the projects we would like to work on are outdoors and must wait for the rain to stop.

For now ...........
life is AWESOME and we are so thankfull for the things we are able to do by the grace of God.

More later


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