Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another glorious day!

I promised you a photo of the Spring Lake RV Resort in Crossville, TN and here it is. I took several pictures this morning but this one says it all. What a beautiful place to be. ;-)

Another 300 miles driven and another excellent experience in travel today. We crossed the Smokey Mountains and, believe it or not Mom & Sheila, I didn't even have one anxiety attack! The mountains were gorgeous, the perfect fall colors, and the grades were gradual. The road was perfectly smooth till about 30 miles out of Statesville where it got pretty rough. It knocked over things in the trailer which have never fallen before. They were working on resurfacing the West bound side so we're pretty sure the East bound will be next.

Tonight we're camped out at the Midway Campground about 10 miles East of Statesville, NC. Tomorrow I might walk the grounds more fully to give a more educated review of the park but for now I will say ................ by their web site we were expecting an RV Resort and what we found is a trailer park. Regardless of what I find here tomorrow, we agree that we will never stay here again and would advise others to avoid it as well. This place just isn't for us.

I've started collecting for a scrap book. Each RV Park offers a map or flyer of their facility and I'm going to compile a book of them along with the routes we took and some photos. If I'm wise enough to write a piece about each experience as I go I may end up with the makings of travel memoirs book some day.

Tomorrow; Hope Farms and our friends: the reason for this trip East. Cecilia, we might even turn them on to Rummykub like we did Mom & Dad!   ha ha ha ha

More later ......


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amothersheartinwords said...

no anxiety attacks on the road - you saved them for when you got to Hope Farms!!! haha!

actually, you did good. I was able to see that we're BOTH control freaks. :0)

I think your travels will be in more than a memoir - they'll be in a book. published, at that!

so good to have you both here.

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