Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just a quick thought for the day

We love our pets. We think of them as family members, we pamper them more than we pamper ourselves, we're convinced they share human emotions ............. and every now and then we feel compelled to dress them or make them look rediculous for our amusement. Can you imagine what is going through Corky's mind at this silly yet memorable moment in her life? HA HA HA

I thought you loved me??????????

This precious little girl is Corky. She was rescued from the Humane Society, lives and is loved by my Mom & Dad. Despite her terrier appearance she has turned out to be the perfect, loving little lap dog who enjoys nothing more than camping with her folks and 'herding' her buddy Mijo onto the linoleum while she stays on the carpet.

More later ......


1 comment:

Bertha said...

That is TOO precious !!!!

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