Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brief, but oh so worth it

No, its not your imagination. This is the Mississippi River through our living room window this morning. Can you see the tug pushing barges up the river? What a glorious view. I sat at the picnic table with my coffee and my camera and took pictures of the sunrise.

Late one night in Arkansas, while I was battling insomnia one more time, I charted our trip to North Carolina and picked out RV Parks along the way. I'm so glad I did. Last night we stopped in West Memphis, Arkansas. The Tom Sawyer RV Park was a bit off the main road but certainly worth the trip. We were camped right on the Missiissipi River. As we sat in our chairs and watched a movie we listened to the tugs push barges up the river. It was a very big, well set up park with outstanding scenery. We will certainly keep this one on our list of parks to visit again if we are ever in that area. They had a fishing pond too which looked like fun.

Tonight we're in Crossville, Tennessee. I can't wait to take pictures of this place in the morning. Again they are off the interstate several miles but it was well worth the drive. Its a pretty park and they have a nice fishing pond with paddle boats and such too. They have camp sites next to the pond where Bubba could just walk out the door and drop a line in the water. ha ha ha  Naturally he wants to come back here when he can stay a month or so. Who knows, maybe we will. 

If our plans don't change we will stay in Statesville, North Carolina tomorrow night. We'll make sure our tanks are prepped and our propane is full before the quick two hour trip to Hope Farms Monday. 

We'll likely stay a week or so there. I'm anxious to share recipes, crochet, bake bread, go the the zoo, take long walks and enjoy some face time with one of my dearest friends. 

We may go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after that and dip our toes in the Atlantic. That reminds me; I need to look for an RV Park there. 

Better go. The movie is done and I'm pretty pooped. Its tiring watching Bubba drive all day! HA HA HA HA HA

More later ......


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