Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are you sure we're in North Carolina?

You know you've reached a good place in life when you're willing to publish such a non-complimentary photo of yourself! HA HA HA HA

Here we sit, for the second day in a row, with our water line disconnected due to freezing temperatures. It doesn't affect us much as our fresh water holding tank is full and housed in an enclosed 'basement' area which keeps it much warmer than outdoors. We just have to remember to turn the water pump on to bring the water to us when we need it.   ;-)  Its going to be a cold week in North Carolina but it feels great to work outside without getting overheated. 

If you read my rantings regularly you can tell that I've been occupied with life these past couple weeks. I think I've only posted a couple times since we landed here on the 10th and thats a sure sign we've been having a great, busy time. We've enjoyed so many memorable things since we arrived at Hope Farms. We've shared lots of great meals and home made goodies with our friends, their neighbors and others. We've toured the neighborhood and learned a great deal about this warm little community. We've attended community dinners and Sunday services and been made to feel so very welcome here. We've cleared brush and played games, explored new stores and spent time talking to Jesus. Yesterday I entertained Eddie for a couple hours ........ or did he entertain me; I get confused.   ;-P  We've been very fortunate in that Ed has had more days off than usual since we've been here and have taken full advantage of it. 

Today Sheila, Eddie & I are going treasure hunting. She enjoys antique/flea market/thrift stores almost as much as I do and we can't wait to see what we find in her favorite shops. I think Bubba is ready for a day in; catching up on his on line forums, his guitar playing and, hopefully, his blogging will make him feel more like himself after some long days of tree cutting, brush clearing and burning. 

Still, we have not decided just when we will move on. There are several more things we want to enjoy together and learn from one another before we continue our journey. It would be great if it warmed up just a bit too as we would like to spend a day or two on the Atlantic coast before heading back West. 

Almost every day our belief that God sent us to North Carolina is reinforced by something, anything that will warm our hearts and make us smile. I pray each and every day that he will keep us on his path and use us to do his will with every action we make and word we speak. 

More later .......


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Sheila said...

I told you ten days was not enough! No fish or potatoes here!

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