Saturday, November 1, 2008

And we still have 4 days to go!

What a glorious week it has been! I can see that for as long as Mom & Dad choose to spend time RVing we will have to meet at Ozark View at least once a year. 

They checked in Sunday afternoon with plenty of time to get set up and take a good walking tour of the park. 

Monday we went to Bass Pro in Branson and wandered up and down the boardwalk type strip at Branson Landing. There are over 100 shops and restaurants there, two of which are clothing stores for Plus sized women. I love that!

Tuesday we made the rounds of Flea Market stores in and near Harrison. Love flea market shopping too. Mom found a brand new suit and a vest sweater for under $4! 

Wednesday we all got even more excercise and pleasure on a good long walk through the woods. Dad made the walk twice, once with Corky and once with us. The birds were active and the weather was perfect. That night we went to see the Oak Ridge Boys at their new theatre in Branson. I was really impressed. They put on a full 2 hour show with a brief intermission and no opening act. Both Bubba & Dad bought a cowboy hat in the gift shop and were really stylin' on their way out.   ;-) 

Thursday we went into Branson again and Road the Duck on the Table Rock Lake Adventure. It was great. There were only 18 of us on a duck that holds 40 so we could all spread out and get a good look at everything. We stopped at a craft mall where Mom found a souvenier thimble and a big, beautiful wind chime. We drove down to the fish hatchery but they had already closed for the day. We'll likely go again, earlier in the day, before we leave.

Yesterday we decided to devide and conquer. Dad & Bubba went fishing while Mom & I went to the State Line Flea Market. Half the day it decided to rain furiously and even throw a little hail in Missouri. Of course this only justified our staying in the flea market longer but it make things a big tough on our fishermen. On the way home Mom & I stopped at the Roberson orchard and picked up some goodies. I think we ended up with four jars; pumpkin butter, plum butter, surghum molasses and something I can't remember. 

Today we're getting caught up on a few things. Dad's working on the camper and I'm going to knock out some laundry. We're planning a grilling dinner with the Garcia family tomorrow so I need to thaw some chops and make some dessert. Sounds like the weather is going to be perfect for the next few days again. Its almost Indian summer here; highs in the low to mid 70's and lows in the upper 40's.

Between all these fun activities we've been our typical selves, experiencing local restaurants and cooking lots of interesting meals to share. Dad picked up a pool cue for the first time in years and Bubba & I dominated at marbles. hee hee hee   

Tuesday we'll be prepping our rigs for the next move. Mom & Dad are headed home and praying the weather may hold for one more trip to Bead's Lake before they have to put the trailer away for the winter. Bubba, Mijo & I will be headed East to visit Sheila, Ed & Eddie. Its been better than a year and a half since we saw them and I am SO EXCITED to spend time with them again. Since we met almost 10 years ago (my Goodness, could it be that long?) our lives have mingled several times and have changed so dramatically from what they once were. I thank the Lord for that! We have both been blessed by adversity, I guess you could say. It takes the toughest experiences, sometimes, to bring us to the greatest blessings. 

Well I better run. Its time to think about tomorrow's menu and today's chores. I need to get outside and enjoy this weather while it lasts. 

God bless you all! More later .......


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amothersheartinwords said...

AMEN and amen - so good to hear of your days - am living vicariously through you! Can't wait to see you guys - it's been MORE than a year and a half - March 6th, we'll have been HERE TWO years!!

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