Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yarn stores full for the trip

When I look at the cabinets I filled with yarn I am amazed at how little of the yarn, cotton and thread I purchased new. I would bet only 15% of the cache you see came from the store. And, this collection doesn't include the two steamer trunks full of machine yarn and crafting supplies I put in storage!

Between the generosity of Mom, the folks at church and my finds at estate auctions, I am pretty much set for crochet materials for a long time. I will still look at every second hand store and flea market, to keep my cabinet stocked, but won't have any serious need or room to store it until I get busy.

Mijo has decided, since we removed the sofa from the 5th wheel, that he needs to hang out behind Bubba's recliner. I don't like this much for a couple reasons and do need that area to store a couple little things so we decided to offer him a more typical solution ........ a crate. He had never experienced one before but seems to have taken to it real well. He likes to be out of the line of traffic, be able to keep us in sight and to be covered to some degree. Today I even through a blanket over him in the crate because its cool and rainy and he was shivering.

More later ........


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ROD said...

cute puppy. ours is a boston terrier.

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