Sunday, September 28, 2008

More critters

I haven't gotten the best pictures of birds yet ......... the placement of the bird feeder isn't terribly conducive for photography but works real well for entertainment while I'm on the computer. The bird photos you see here were not taken by me. I snapped the butterfly and the frogs. 

The first birds I saw were some of the cutest: a pair of tufted titmouse. I've had black capped chickadee and a third type of bird I'm still attempting to identify. If anyone can help me with a small bird, colored similarly to the titmouse, carries its flat head straight out from the front of it's body and climbs on trees and shepard's hooks upside down. It moves very quickly and doesn't sit still for long; hard to photograph.  :-( 

The emerald hummingbird wasn't the only critter enjoying the sugar water. The monarch thought it was pretty tasty too.  

The frogs are the prettiest I've seen here. Bright green as opposed to the little black squeekers we saw this spring. 

More later ........


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amothersheartinwords said...

SO GOOD to see you blogging again! We're still in socal and can't WAIT to get home. Eddie particularly liked this one - especially the "fwog in da mud".
We'll be home the fourteenth. Love the view from your door. Hugs,

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