Friday, September 12, 2008

Are we there yet?

I'm so tired! Who would have thought that two days on the road would poop me out so quickly. We're driving a rental car to Vegas to visit Bubba's Brother, Richard. We left home Thursday morning and spent Thursday night in Wichita. We left Wichita this morning and tonight we're in Albuquerque. We didn't bring the dog or the 5th wheel, planning to make the trip in just over a week. Mom & Dad graciously accepted baby sitting duties with mijo and we left keys for everything else just in case they need. 

First it rained and then it rained and later it rained some more. The last few hours were nothing more than sprinkles, thankfully, so the stress let up a bit.

We've enjoyed some great restaurants photo ops. Today we even stopped in Groom, Texas at the enormous cross and bronze stations. What an overwhelmingly BEAUTIFUL place. I was brought to tears through so much of it. When we pulled in it was raining and there were rain clowds in every direction. It stopped raining when we stepped out of the car and by the time I got to the cross for photo the sky opened up and the sun shone only on the cross; it was still rainy in every direction. To say I was overwheled with emotion would be a horrific understatement.

Well, Bubba is already in bed and I think I'll be jumping in soon. I'm exhausted, as much from driving in the rain as anything else.

I thank you all so much for your prayers today. I know that the love of good friends, family and our Lord is what pulled us through another glorious and emotional day.

More later .........

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