Thursday, May 22, 2008

Make the world stop spinning

Still the world is spinning. It seems we're still going non-stop since we arrived home back on the second of the month. This week its been Angel Food Distribution & sales, gardening, yard work, housework, 'stuff' sorting and storing and much more. Today I helped Mom hang new verticals over her new double glass front door. Its beautiful! They've lived here 20 years now and this year they're really digging into making some great changes in the house. We're thankful we're here to help and can't wait for those days we can take a break from work and go camping! ha ha ha ha

My sis is moving!! We're not exactly sure when it will be but we're nearly positive she will be moving to North Central Minnesota. What a shocker for the family. We've known it was a possibility for some time but the reality is still a bit unexpected. Having moved across the country before myself its not quite as stressful for me, but its going to affect the rest of the family very profoundly for a while. We've been shopping RV Parks in that area to see if we can find a place to stay close to them for a little while after they move and give them a little bit of family contact while they acclimate.

Mijo is going to be 7 years old next month. We've had him since he was 10 weeks old and have tried several times since then to convince him to sleep in a dog bed; at least when we're in the living room or out of the coach. We finally figured out the trick. We put our sofa in storage as part of the "lean, mean travel machine" plan and brought Dad's bean bag chair into the coach. I threw a couple stadium blankets over it and, believe it or not, Mijo likes it!! ;-)

I'll need your prayers tomorrow..... ;-) Its a family gardening day at church. To help put away home grown groceries for the Feast and Fellowship group that prepares meals for everyone each Wednesday night, each year several congregation members work together on a church garden. Dad tilled the spot Saturday and we're all heading in tomorrow morning to plant. I think another friend is joining us too so we can, hopefully, make light work of it. I HATE to garden. To illustrate my feelings clearly, I would rather be shoveling manure or washing dishes than gardening. But .......... its a family thing and Dad asked for our help. He's making Belgian waffles for us before we go as partial payment. ha ha

I suppose I better get some sleep. Lots of work tomorrow. By the way, the bird watching has been grand! Today the new one for this season for me was the Oriole. The indigo buntings are fantastic and the grossbeaks are truly unique. I have a female cardinal thats been hanging out on our feeder with amazing color. She's my current favorite.

More later ........


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