Saturday, May 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Iowa

I expected we would return home and kick back a little. We would have time to settle in, visit friends and family and work our way back into a flow........ not.

We pulled in Tuesday afternoon and hours later there was a neighbor here asking for help to move her things to storage because she sold her house. A very nice lady. I think she was more lonely than in need of help. My sister and I spent the better part of Wednesday helping her load things up and haul them off to storage. We had a real nice chat and wore each other out in the process. ;-)

Wednesday evening was dinner at church and worship services. It was fantastic to see Pastor Moody, Elizabeth and so many of our church family. Its amazing just how much is going on in the church each day!

Mom has been busy with her industrial sewing business so part of Thursday, part of Friday and this morning were spent in the basement shop sewing 'transitions' for Nestle. Friday afternoon we took Mijo to the vet for an annual check up and a new Heart Guard prescription. Of course, as we headed out the door we were blessed with the heaviest rain shower and thunder of the entire day. This afternoon Mom, Bubba and I made a much needed trip to Wal Mart and I got a load of laundry done.

Tomorrow morning is Sunday School & Church; tomorrow afternoon is a birthday party for my Great Nephew. Jordan is 10 tomorrow and a fantastic kid. He's very into the Cubs and I expect he will receive lots of sport memorabilia and sports themed gifts tomorrow.

One of these days very soon I will bring out my camera and capture some of what is Iowa for the folks down South who might be checking in. We'll be here for the next four months and intend to hit the road again right after Labor Day. We intend to experience all kinds of wonderful things this summer and I'm anxious to explore my home state.

Miss you all in Arkansas!

More later .................


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