Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank GOD for my husband

In the past two months my wonderful husband has undergone a beautiful transformation. He is still the sweet, understanding, patient friend that he has always been to me and has now become a much better friend to himself. His level of confidence and conviction have grown, or recovered, along with his physical stength and ambition.

He used to be a softy to everyone, not just me. He wouldn't argue with or push a salesman, he wouldn't stand his ground with contractors or say NO to much at all.

After two months of being at the mercy of contractors, sales people and manufacturers, and getting more physically active, he's taking a different approach. He's not being angry, rude or belligerant, but he is standing his ground and making his point. I have a hard time doing that myself. I get frustrated, I get angry and I get impatient. I don't always communicate that to the people it might effect, but I sure vent it later.

This morning our home warranty company sent two men from a local plumbing service to our home for the water heater. We told them the hot water faucets were simply trickling water out and it was not hot. We believe the water heater is full of sediment and either needs flushed or replaced. Before they came out the plumber called, listened to the symptoms and declared that it must be some other problem, not the water heater. He sent his guys out and told them not to spend more than an hour and to do whatever they could shy of replacing the unit............

When they opened the outflow they saw what they believed to be a marble. Rather than believing this is some sort of safety valve, they decided they would try to break the 'marble' to clear the tube. They called their boss to tell him what they found and he said the warranty would not pay for a water heater, that they needed to fix it. Bubba called the warranty company while they hammered and drilled and convinced themselves that there was something behind the 'marble' that wouldn't move either.

The possitive thing is that we didn't even pay the service fee we were supposed to pay and we didn't pay the parts they installed, unnecessarily, and wanted to charge us for. The negative is that they left and now we have to wait for their boss to accept the order for a new water heater and send them back out. If they don't call back by this afternoon I'm sure Bubba will call the home warranty company and request a new service provider. These two were not someone I would choose to invite back into our home if we don't have to.


Follow up after lunch .... The plumber called and said the home warranty company will not pay for a water heater. They offer to pay him for two hours of labor to come fix it...... Bubba called the home warranty company back and drilled through at least two levels of customer service and still has no positive response. Now that the service men have drilled through what may be a valve and have declared that they don't believe the unit is fixable we are still being told that home warranty won't replace it.


Another follow up. An hour after Bubba got off the phone with the home warranty company the plumber showed up with a new water heater. Praise be!!!!

More later .....


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