Monday, June 29, 2009

Pictures are coming, but not today

This gorgeous little girl stole my heart at the animal shelter this morning. We went searching for a companion for our Mijo. He's eight years old now and ready for a friend. Now that we're off the road and away from the RV Parks where he had chance to meet new dogs every day and play every time he went out, he's gotten lonely. Last week in Iowa he played till he dropped with Corky, Mom's dog. We've never seen him play so hard or so long with her. I think both of them lost weight from it! ha ha ha This little beauty will be Munchkin and she looks very much like Corky.

This is Corky, Mijo's best buddy. I'm anxious to see how she reacts to two dogs in our house when she comes to visit this fall. She is a rescue dog too and has proven to be a nearly perfect house dog and lap dog for Mom & Dad.

On a freakier note; how many people do you know who, in one five minute trip outdoors with their dog, encounter a rain shower, a jack rabbit and a small tarantula in their yard???? That was my late afternoon trip with Mijo. Very interesting!

More later .........


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