Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A cool (85) and overcast day

When we were at the Humane Society yesterday we spotted a duck. This poor duck has problems with it's legs but can get around slowly. We thought it would make a fine friend for our mascot goose, No Fear. Since the duck only cost $2 we decided to name it Two Buck Duck. ;-P
As you can see, they're happy together at the friendly fowl day spa. The gate is open for them to wander and the fence gives them a sense of security.

I finally got my bird house gourds planted ....... upside down. I hope they grow well and give me lots of gourds that I can string around the property for the birds to live in and do their bug eating best.

This funky worm was crawling through the yard this afternoon. Its as big around as one of Bubba's fingers and nearly 5 inches long. Notice the horn on it's butt?? The colors were pretty amazing too. It wasn't bashful; crawled right toward me at a pretty good clip.
Must get to town tomorrow and get gas for the lawn mower ........ must ......

More later ........


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