Sunday, May 31, 2009

We need a new church family

We've been searching for a couple months now but just haven't found the right congregation for us yet. We've visited three churches so far and wonder how many more we'll visit before we find the perfect fit.

The first church was, we found out later, the largest United Methodist Church in San Angelo. The church is beautiful and very active. They have multiple services per Sunday and per week but we found little warmth or evident faith in action there. We saw a great amount of form and function, a very organized service and a preacher full of passion. Unfortunately the congregation didn't show any of that passion and the preacher is moving on to another congregation this weekend.

The second church was, we found out there, the smallest United Methodist Church in San Angelo. The Sunday we joined them we brought the congregation to a whopping 14 individuals. I was, by far, the youngest person there and we were two of 5 white folks in the pews. They were an extremely welcoming group and we enjoyed worshipping with them. I felt the faith and passion for their faith with them, but didn't feel there was any room for us to grow with the congregation. They have been an established congregation for over 105 years and I anticipate their joining with another to survive.

This morning we attending worship services as a large Baptist church. I was expecting a large congregation because they have three services, but I wasn't expecting to walk into a Christian rock concert. That congregation made me feel old and old fashioned. I've been in a Baptist church a couple times, but nothing like this. I put them on the list because they're an Angel Food Ministries host site but don't feel they are the church family we're looking for either.

Our neighbors just stopped over and, once again, invited us to their church which is just a mile down the road. She's singing a special song next Sunday so I think we'll go there. She said their average worship service is around 40 people, a bit smaller than than I think we're looking for. She has mentioned a couple times that they're the only hispanic church members and feel very comfortable. It seems very important to her. She's such a sweety; I really like Erma.

Well, its onward and upward. Our Heritage church family in Iowa is a tough act to follow and it may take us some time.

More later ..........


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