Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a few more pics

Guess what Bubba's been up to? There are too many mesquite branches in the drive through the pasture. He's been excercising his chain saw and clearing the path. It will take some time for this wet mesquite to dry, but it will burn well in the fire place eventually.

This pretty purple bloom is one of many different kinds that paint our property.

This funny little black thing looks like a mushroom or fungi of some sort. There are many of them popping through the dry ground. Look familiar to anyone? I have no idea what it might be.

Our mascot, No Fear, is dilligently setting another clutch of unfertilized eggs. She's got nothing better to do and no friends to chase around the pond...  Now that she's setting again she doesn't leave the nest for more than a couple minutes to drink and swim so we brought the water to her along with a little corn. This baby pool is one of many things we found left here and usable.

More later .........



farmhousewife said...

Super nice duck! Interestingly enough, we have a single female duck also - landed in the pasture about two weeks ago, every morning for quite a while - so we caught her, clipped her wings (she let me catch her - we think she was a tame duck gone wild :-0) and now she's a member of the family!!

Bubba's Girl said...

I thought she was a duck too till I saw the size of her eggs. The neighbor confirmed that she's a goose. She's small for a goose and big for a duck I guess... ;-)

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