Thursday, May 7, 2009


I haven't posted much lately, but felt like dropping in a few pictures I've taken.

I've removed the cabinet hardware and am preparing to refinish. The kitchen walls are orange taffy; not nearly as bold as it sounds. 

Finally got the new dining area painted yesterday. I'm anxious to get moving on curtains and wall decorations soon. We got a great deal on this table and 4 chairs but are not 100% excited about the comfort, or lack there of, of the tall chairs. Two of the chairs are currently working with a countertop cut out to function as an entertainment center till we get one. 

These bad boys fill our pastures in places. According to our electrician these are just red ants. Their bite hurts like heck and will welt but they won't swarm and attack like the infamous fire ants do. We have lots of fire ants too. They're much smaller. We keep after them with the fire ant killer but they're tenacious.

As long as I wear solid shoes and keep my eyes open to whats in front of me as I'm walking, I don't worry too much about whats out there. I'm a bit anxious to get some grazers in the pastures before they grow up beyond where I'm confortable walking through the green.  

This pretty, blue green thistle sure offers a pretty white bloom!

This is the horny toad from behind. What a beautiful little thing! I don't know why they call it a toad; it sure looks like a lizzard to me.

This dove danced around on the feeder cover for almost 10 minutes trying to figure out how to access the seed. It's simply too big. I need to get some open feeders out. 

Bed Bath & Beyond had an amazing sale last week. I brought home this 10 piece bedding set for less than I've paid for a good set of sheets. Right now we're sleeping in my future workshop room. We're waiting for the carpet to come in before we move the bed into the bed room.

Where you see the beautiful french doors with integrated blinds, there used to be a window in the wall. Where you see the small tile pieces and the white wall there was a wall to wall closet. I still have finish work to do but our contractor has completed his work.

After 4 years of carrying my laundry to town and stocking quarters, you know how amazingly excited I am about this new laundry room!! Lots of room for the freezer and a utility sink too.

New hard surface counter tops and new back splash. The counter tops were installed by Lowes and the back splash by me. Cool stuff!!!!! The cabinets are on the to do list soon. I'm going to sand, primer and paint them dark walnut.

More later ........


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Kim said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics! Great paint colors and love the backsplash.....

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