Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little catch up

Wow, where do I start. Since I started posting pictures of foster dogs is September 2009 nearly 65 dogs have spent time at Our Promised Land Farm. From a great dane who spent Thanksgiving 2009 in our barn to groups of shih tzu who hung out waiting for pure breed transport, we've seen and loved them all. We set up a few outdoor kennels to house some bigger, more resilient dogs for the Humane Society and they've gotten quite a bit of use. We've now adopted 5 dogs who will forever carry the name Brooks and, as of this coming week, will foster up to 7 at a time.

We lost our beloved Mijo on my parents 51st wedding anniversary last year. He developed lymphoma cancer and lived comfortably for 3 months after his diagnosis. Sending him to heaven to wait for us was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do and I'm still crying as I write about it now. Mijo lived with us from the age of 10 weeks until just after his 9th birthday. He will always hold a piece of my heart. I pray that owning multiples will make it easier the next time we lose one, but I doubt it.

After volunteering for the Humane Society, bagging dog food for the elderly and fostering dogs for a a few months I started helping with rescue and adoptions. Things got busier and busier and in February 2010 they actually created a paid position for me. Things continued to grow and grow and eventually my job was split, giving adoptions to someone else while I kept rescue. Still things continued to grow and I found myself overwhelmed and focusing on nothing but the humane society. It was affecting my mood, my family and my life in too drastic a fashion. Just before Thanksgiving 2010 I resigned my position and returned to being a busy foster mom and adoption event volunteer. Now, rather than just a couple foster dogs we will care for up to 7 at a time. Adoption events are a hoot; I look like a professional dog walker with all the babies following me through the parking lot on leashes.

I still find myself busier than I sometimes wish to be because I've reactivated the Bubba's Girl Boutique. I've finally set up a sewing & craft shop in our home and have started making scrubs and dog duds. I've made some really fun dog jackets and belly bands which are boy diapers for dogs. I'm looking forward to the next craft show in May and pray I find enough time to build enough inventory for the show. Friends and family have kept me busy designing things for them and helping with other sewing projects. Check it out if you get a chance, I've created a web site and will be adding to it as I go:

Mom & Dad have come to Texas to visit over Thanksgiving for the past two years and we continue to beg them to at least 'snow bird' with us here. I hold out hope it may happen. ;0)

We've been active members of the Harriett Baptist Church for nearly 2 years now and really love our little church family. The church is only half a mile from the house which makes it incredibly convenient. Our wonderful pastor has decided to leave us and focus on his other full time job so we're in a transition right now. We're very sad about their leaving but happy for them that they are following God's guidance and feel relief from worry about the situation. With a big event griddle and some teamwork from church members we're hosting our first pancake breakfast this coming Saturday. A local family lost everything in a house fire last week and we're taking a free will offering for the meal to give to them. Pretty excited about that. Its been Bubba's project and I'm proud of what he's accomplished toward it.

I better save more for later .... you never know what I'll remember next.

God bless all,
To err is human, to forgive canine..

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