Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm I still here?

It has been ages since I've posted to my blog. I've been so busy with work, animals, facebook and crafting I almost forgot this blog was open.

After 14 months (10 paid) with the Humane Society I called it quits at Thanksgiving 2010. I was burned out and needed to get back to living my life rather than living for the HSTGC. We still foster great guns and volunteer at adoption events but thats where I draw the line.

Our 'farm' is pretty slim these days. We only have ducks and geese in the pastures right now but will be bringing back some hooved animals come spring if not sooner. I have 17 busy laying hens and one big, beautiful rooster keeping us in a little spending cash. We now own 5 little dogs and foster up to half a dozen at a time. I LOVE the little dogs!! I've started sewing and selling dog duds, belly bands for dogs and scrubs. Excited for the next craft show but need to get busy on inventory.

Gonna run; much, much more to post later.

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farmhousewife said...

GREAT to see a post from you! I've missed reading, but completely understand the hiatus. Would love to hear from you via telephone....miss that laugh!
Life is crazy busy here, and too much going on to put into a comment, but we'll connect somehow I'm sure. We always do.

Hugs and love and prayer to you all,


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