Friday, October 30, 2009


This is our second foster baby. His Humane Society name is Bonzai. I'm learning about Pekingese by having him in our home. What a gorgeous dog!! He's a tank, big chested and short legged. He snores like a Shih Tzu and lays flat belly to the floor too. He is a confident male but gets along well with Koko, Mijo & Gracie Lou. He and Koko are gone for the weekend to the home of a couple who intend to adopt one or both of them. She picked up the dogs this afternoon and took them to a party with 16 society ladies; better mobile adoption opportunity than we could ever offer. ;0)

Its amazing that Koko has been with us so long because he's so precious. I think the Humane Society adoption coordinator needs some help so I'm going to learn more next week and start helping her out. She's well connected with every pure breed rescue and shelter within 500 miles but is less familiar with small furry breeds and less comfortable with home visits etc. We simply need to save more dogs and I'm going to work toward that end. Bubba is too. He applied to the board of directors for the Humane Society. They met today but we haven't heard if they voted on him yet.

There are at least three new members of the menagerie that I haven't posted pictures of yet but promise to in the near future. Bubba brought home his big dog and outdoor companion, Gracie Lou, this week. He also brought home two more geese. China geese; just beautiful animals.

I better go crochet. The craft show is just over a month away and I'm not nearly ready.

More later ........


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