Thursday, September 17, 2009


It doesn't take many words for you to see just how adorable this little boy is. He's Shi Tzu and likely about 12/15 pounds.

He was brought in to the animal shelter by someone who could not care for him. He was all matted up and had to be completely shaved, shy his ears.

All it takes is for you to let him lay on your lap or in your arms and his eyes close and he starts to snore. He wants to be held often; especially when our two babies tag team him and he gets a bit overwhelmed.

He's a bow legged and flat footed little love, just like Mijo.

He's only been with us 24 hours but seems to be perfectly potty trained, even after more than a week in the cold, wet kennel where he never even saw sunlight.

I think his new family will fall in love with him quickly!! We sure have.

More later ..........

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farmhousewife said...

i think HE FOUND HIS NEW FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

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