Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chickens at last

Another big step at Our Promised Land Farm; CHICKENS!!!!!!

20 pretty birds, mostly red/black, some black/red and one white/black. All have the slate colored legs and you can see the little tufted cheeks.

I'm hoping and thinking they're older than seven weeks as the seller claimed. I'm thinking he had them for seven week, maybe.

We increased the existing fence from three to four sides and brought it up to six feet or more. We put tin at the base for physical and visual barrier. I'm planning to keep them inside the coop for a day or two at least, maybe longer.

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farmhousewife said...

they look GREAT! they do look about 7 weeks old.

i have three of those and the roo is my buddy - SO friendly!

their chicken home is so cute and the pasture area is perfect - I'm so proud of you!!

love love love my chickens - another good breed is Australorp (sp?) they are black - hardy - and not flighty. Great dark brown egg layers.

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