Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Loving life

This past week has been another glorious week in the lives of Bubba, Wendy & Mijo. Wednesday morning we took a second walk through a property we had previously viewed. We saw many wonderful attributes we had not seen the first time and placed an offer on the property. 

Friday morning Bubba's phone rang and it was Dad. This is one for the record books, folks, because Dad sang Happy Birthday to Bubba. It was priceless! Their birthdays are less than a week apart and Dad was returning the favor.   ;-)

Friday afternoon we went to the fair grounds and walked through the attractions outside the main arena. There were local vendors peddling everything from arts and crafts to metal buildings to farm equipment. There was a carnival complete with games, rides and every style of fattening fair food familiar. There was a petting zoo with everything from pigmy goats to camels. There was an exhibit of animals from Australia. There was a building full of Creative Arts projects which had already been judged; everything from photography to crochet to baking and sewing. There were buildings full of sheep and hogs being shown. They show so many animals that they have to spread it out over 10 days. It reminded me a whole lot of the Iowa State Fair; a bit smaller on the offerings outside the arena and a bit larger on the shows inside. The rodeo and stock show goes on from February 19th through March 1st with actual rodeo performances on 7 different nights, I think, and a mid day performance on Saturdays too. The week prior to the opening they have elimination rounds in all the rodeo events. There are typically 5 times the number of entries as they will allow to compete in the actual rodeo. The elimination rounds are free to the public.

During the performance, in addition to the bull riding, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, calf roping, steer wrestling, barrel racing and comedic rodeo clowns, we got to see mutten bustin', a calf scramble and junior barrel racing. Two of the adult barrel racers were actually thrown from their horse but the 6 year old dressed in pink did fantastic!!!!! ;-) The mutten bustin' was hilarious. They put a helmet and a kevlar vest on a child between 3 & 6 years old and laid them on the back of a sheep in a stall. They let the sheep run and the child who held on the longest won a new pair of Justin boots. The kids had a ball and those of us watching thought it was just hilarious. 

The rodeo performance started off, as most things we've experienced in Texas, with a prayer. We've found a place where no one hesitates to openly express their beliefs and encourage others to do the same.  We thank the Lord for that every day and pray that others feel the same about us when we meet. 

Well, I better go get cleaned up. The sellers accepted our offer on the acreage while we were at the rodeo and today is the hone inspection. We're confident this one will go well and look forward to moving on with the process of buying our new home.

More later ...........

P.S.  Obviously, the rodeo pictures were not taken by me. I found them on line and wanted to share. 

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