Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Can you believe how long its been since I've posted again?? Good grief Charlie Brown; how could this be? I've noticed that when we're in Iowa I seldom blog because I'm buried in other projects and when we're away I blog consistently because it becomes part of my routine.

Anywho ............ since I last posted we thoroughly enjoyed the Galen & Erma Smith family reunion in Clarksville. At one point, outside the clubhouse at the park, there were more adults in the frisbee circle than kids.

We spent 5 days in Amana, cutting our commute to the VA from 2 1/2 hours one way to 30 minutes. We shopped the awesome shops and meat market and laughed through CLUE, the musical at the Old Creamery Theater. Dad cooked some awesome brats over a real wood fire while Bubba and I enjoyed the first full hook up RV Park with amenities this summer.

This week it prep time for my sister & brother in law's move to Minnesota. Mom & I spent the last two days with Deb, cleaning out the attic and hauling things to storage. We'll be back later and picking up the U-Haul Monday. We'll all be heading North either Tuesday or Wednesday to Emily.
Bubba's all excited today. We're picking up his truck at the shop. He's felt so lost without it the past couple days. Among other maintenance and prep work he had an air ride system installed. We put an air ride type hitch pin on the trailer too so our voyage down the interstates and back roads of America ought to be very comfortable now. We discovered as we toured the highways of Iowa this summer that our heavy duty, no frills truck pulling the 5th wheel offered a very choppy and jerky ride.

We think we're still on target to pull out of Iowa by the first or second week of September. We will make a trip to Vegas first, in the car, to reunite with Bubba's brother and walk down memory lane with some of the pieces their father passed on to the boys. I'm a bit anxious and very excited about meeting a member of his family for the very first time. It should be absolutely grand!

When we head out we will be heading South first. We want to spend a month or so in Arkansas at Rene and Cecilia's park; the same place we spent last winter. We plan to go East to visit Sheila & Ed in North Carolina, then make our way back West, pausing occasionally along the way, and stopping in Central Texas. We're interested in Central Texas as a home and want to spend enough time there to really check it out. By then we'll know if we're ready to continue on to the West coast or if we're ready to put down roots and get busy with our hobby goods business. I look forward to telling you all about what the Bubba's Girl Born Again Boutique will offer. ;-) (You have to have a goal)

Now I feel as if I've vented pretty well and need to move on to the projects of the day. Not sure what all it will entail but believe it will again be busy. Mom's room rearranging projects haven't been completed yet and a couple loads of Goodwill stuff is still hanging out in the garage so I'm sure I'll be busy.

More later .......


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