Saturday, August 30, 2008

Me thinks thou dost protest too much ......

For the last three months I've been heard expressing my disdain for gardening. Its too hot, there are too many bugs, I hate to bend over ...... yadda, yadda, yadda ...... canning is hot, messy work ...... on and on.

So, this week I've been witnessed, on several occasions, harvesting said vegetables from Dad's garden. I've brought up cherry tomatoes, scalloped squash, zucchini and onions. I've experimented with several different combinations of ingredients and served several pans full of fresh veggie stir fry. I do my best not to overcook it but don't always succeed. I'm of the opinion that nearly everyone overcooks veggies. They lose color, texture and taste the longer you cook them. When it comes to the little cherry tomatoes I don't even cook them at all. I wait till I've shut off the gas burner and stir them in right before I serve the dish. Its amazing how far they go, some shedding their skin even, without spending any time over a burner.

I deduce I was inspired to try dishes with scalloped squash after Dad served us a "comfort food" that he made for us as kids. Dad fried bacon ends, added chopped onions and scalloped squash, cooked it till the squash became opaque and then poured beaten eggs over the mixture and made a big scramble. The taste is unique and AWESOME!

I've attempted my own lazy style of food preservation. We'll see how well it works. I don't foresee having the ambition or necessary commitment to learn the fine art of canning but I have been known to buy freezer bags in bulk. I've frozen chopped carrots with great success, rhubarb with limited success and have now attempted onions and cherry tomatoes. Later today I might throw some scalloped squash in the freezer for future experimentation. ;-)

This week Bubba and I experienced estate auctions for the first time, with Mom & Dad. We watched and learned and came home with several little treasures for VERY little money. We've decided this will be the method of furnishing our next home and we are really looking forward to it. It looks to be the perfect place to find some items to resell too and I look forward to doing that after we settle.

Today Dad & Bubba are headed off to an antique tractor event. I'm planning to help Mom with her latest Nestle sewing order this afternoon and finish digging through our little treasures from the auctions.

To illustrate how well the last auction went for us; Dad bought a big entertainment center with a 27 inch Sylvania TV and VCR for $20 ...... total. The TV & VCR are like new. I ended up with three big baskets full of yarn for under $10 and a pile of towels, place mats and three down filled pillows for a buck. I sort through the piles of bedding and such and will be taking a load to Good Will before we leave. We have to practice living with just what we need and use to retain that good feeling even after we move out of the RV.

I better get busy. I still need to run through the shower and get next door to cut with Mom. Deb is coming down this weekend and I look forward to spending a little time with her again too. She's bringing Jon with her; he flew home for a quick visit and will be driving his car back to Ft. Bragg. Before she heads home to Minnesota we plan to sit down with Mom and go through her cedar chest. It should be fun! One of the legs on the chest needs fixed and we need to move it so we plan to empty it first.

There I go again...........

More later


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