Monday, July 14, 2008

Something new again

This is my first experience accessing the internet on a mobile device. I'm sitting on the apron at RV Revive while they install a new electrical connection to our air conditioning unit.

Last week we signed up for Verizon mobile internet. I had attempted to access it at home but the service in the trailer and in that spot wasn't good. I tried it at Beed's Lake State Park while we were camping but the coverage wasn't good there in the woods either. Right here we're about 3/4 a mile West of the Waterloo airport and the service is grand. Woo Hoo!

Yesterday we went to Clarksville for the annual Hunter family reunion. Hunter is my maternal grandmother's family. Grandma was there too and very proud that she was able to drive to the reunion at age 92. Of course, this was with special permission from Mom because they have an agreement limiting Grandma's driving. ;-) Grandma Kingery is the matriarch of the family and the only living member of her generation on that side of my family. She is a force to reckon with and always has been. (grinning)

Next weekend is the Smith family reunion, also in Clarksville, and I'm pretty excited about that one too. It is a recently established reunion; only the families of my paternal grandparents. I have a feeling, as long as they keep these to reunions this close together, we will be spending a couple weeks each summer in Iowa. We will likely be spending at week or more for Christmas too, depending on the weather.

Well, I better sign off for now. They're finishing up on the 5th wheel and its back to the folks to set up and get back to other projects. On the 28th we're headed to the Amana Colonies for 5 days. Bubba has an appointment at the Iowa City VA on the 29th and it will be quick and easy to run over from the Amana's rather than from home. On August 8th we're helping Mom babysit my niece's three kids and likely going to city wide garage sales on the 9th.

We still have a few things on our 'to do list' to accomplish before we get ready to roll again. Planning on hitting the road just after Labor Day.

More later ............


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