Monday, July 7, 2008

For the love of Mijo

This morning, when I got up, I became Mommy again. Mijo didn't follow me down the little steps and off the bed. He laid there and stared at me. I scratched his ears and encouraged him and he made it to the top step. He attempted the second step but couldn't do it. I could hear the labored sigh that tells me he hurts and he started to shake. I lifted him to the floor where he sat down, continued to quiver and stare at me. I ran my hands over his body searching for evidence of what was bothering him. His back felt fine and he didn't wince as I massaged him. He didn't have any new bumps or marks but his abdomen was hard as a rock. When I pushed on it the loud sigh told me it hurt. I carried him down to my chair and sat him next to Bubba while I ran to get dressed. Bubba got the phone number for our vet and I called them as we loaded Mijo in the truck.

Thank God the vet was right there and could bring us in immediately. He checked him over thoroughly and asked us lots of questions. He told us that, just as we know, animals are like people. Sometimes they strain themselves and it doesn't become evident till the next day. Sometimes they just experience pain for no reason and need a little help to feel better. He expressed his glands and confirmed that his bowels were very full. He confirmed that his abdomen was rigid, especially the muscles. Because his vital signs and other physical signs were good he gave us a pain med for 5 days and asked us to keep a close eye on him. If his symptoms change or return we should call and bring him right back in. He didn't feel we needed to continue on with costly tests unless this didn't work and I appreciate that.

We've deduced that Mijo & Corky's game of 'I'm gonna empty your dish' got a little out of hand last night. Mom put a double helping of cereal in Corky's dish last night because we were over watching a movie and we assumed they would share it. Mijo took it upon himself to single handedly empty the dish. We thought nothing of it till we were on our way to the vet this morning. I guess we need to keep a closer eye on his chow.

It may seem a bit overboard to run to the vet for a bad tummy ache, but you don't always know for sure and its better to be safe than sorry. Our little man means the world to us and will always be treated with the love of a child.

More later ...

An Angel Says:
... the best form of spiritual exercise is to touch the floor regularly with your knees.

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amothersheartinwords said...

oh poor little beggar! Hope he's doing much better now! How's the wireless connection working now?

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